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Configure the computer for secure remote access
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Supports remote help mode when one user controls the computer of another user (mainly for diagnosing and fixing problems) and Remote Desktop mode when the user can connect to a remote personal device. Presents secure connections to random contacts and multi-monitor support. Offers the copy-and-paste option, and real-time audio playback.

Chrome Remote Desktop is an application for accessing your desktop and its full functionality remotely via the Chrome browser or a Chromebook. It's used for all possible platforms and makes it a lot easier to manage your business and work affairs without having to go to a specific workstation.

After downloading and installing the application, it can be opened in the browser and looks a bit similar to an HTML page, even requiring you to log in using your Google account. The interface may look plain and generic in design, but its very informative and lets you get right down to business. The upper section called "Remote Assistance" lets users grant a device with Remote Desktop installed access to a different PC. It can be both automated and manual, using a PIN-code. Then you can access the list of devices supporting Chrome Remote Desktop for your selected Google account. Clicking on a selected name will open a separate window where, after PIN-code input, you will see the desktop of the second computer which you can use as if you are sitting right there at the computer. This is especially useful for cross-platform operations, with users being able to access both PC and Mac functionality, etc.

There's not much else to say. Chrome Remote Desktop is stable and functional, easy to use and requiring only a browser to function properly. You can access your desktop from anywhere and use it for a variety of purposes and tasks, controlling crucial processes and accessing important files. To people who mean business, this little application can become quite handy.

James Lynch
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  • Stable connection
  • Easy to use


  • Requires Google Chrome and a google account
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